リファカラットCARAT Platinum Electronic Roller

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How to hold: Grip securely centering on the thickest section, avoiding covering the solar panel with your hand. How to roll: Roll along body lines without applying too much force so that the roller picks up the soft part of the skin. The basic rolling motion is back and forth. Face & Body Care: Marionette line: Roll along the contours of your face from the marionette line. Takes care of the skin of the cheeks and around the mouth, giving the entire face a nicely toned impression. Double chin: Fit the roller firmly in the flesh of the double chin and tone the skin. Do not apply too much force. Neck: Hold the ReFa reversed and roll along the neck muscles. Roll from the shoulders and the base of the neck toward the head and move up and down along the neck muscles. Upper arm: Roll on the upper arm toward the arm pit. Aim for supple skin that looks great in a clothes without sleeves. Bust: Roll toward the center of the breast while pressing the arm pit. Try to take the bust that has spread to the side and move it back toward the center. Waist: Roll the waist side section. Roll along the waistline and aim for an attractive waist.