Aromachologie Intensive Repair Solid Shampoo


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サイズ 2.1 oz 60 g

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L'Occitane Aromachologie Intensive Repair Solid Shampoo has the following features:

  • This solid and sustainable repairing shampoo goes above and beyond traditional haircare solutions.
  • It delivers intense hydration, effectively repairing even the most damaged hair strands. No more dryness and hello to lustrous, healthy-looking locks.
  • The gentle formula respects your hair's delicate balance, preventing any further damage.
  • With every use, you can feel good about making a conscious choice for both your hair and the environment.

Wet your hair and gently rub the shampoo bar on your scalp or in your hands until it lathers. Massage meticulously through hair, then rinse.