Facial Patches for Wrinkles on the Forehead & Between Eyes


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Size 1 box 144 patches

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Anti-Aging Facial Patches Smooth Wrinkles While You Sleep Without any harsh chemicals or needles FROWNIES Facial Patches for Wrinkles assist to soften and smooth wrinkles mechanically. Designed to provide lasting results with continued use. FROWNIES Facial Patches for Wrinkles addresses the physical cause of facial wrinkles between the eyes (sometimes called elevens) and forehead wrinkles. By holding the crease flat and relaxed while you sleep the body can relax muscle memory. The muscles of the face cannot move under the patch, keeping you from frowning or expressing while you sleep. This is Frownies 100 year old anti-wrinkle secret. The secret of Frownies has been passed along by generations of women and men in entertainment and the public eye who rely on this amazingly effective method to maintain a youthful appearance. FROWNIES Facial Patches are the safe, natural way to dramatically reduce or eliminate expression lines and creases by relaxing and retraining facial muscles while you sleep.